Nafisa has focused on specific genres in her art practice.

Portraiture stems from her interest in the ‘human condition’. She completed a Master of Fine Art at National Art School in 2007 with the thesis being on “Identity and the Portrait” articulating her desire to make her search for capturing an essential character as central in her expression of that genre. Her collection of 70 + portraits (part of her Masters work) in the Florence Biennale won her a Bronze Medallion for Installation in 2005.

Australian Wildflowers gave Nafisa International recognition as an artist delivering a message of hope and growth in overcoming adversities with her 6 meter mural- “Regeneration”

The colours of the Great Barrier Reef , (reminiscent of her love of scuba-diving) with the almost alien forms of larger than life Australian wildflowers, captivated the 12 international judges' attention and she was awarded the gold medal (from 800 artists from 60 nations) unanimously - an honour no other Australian artist has achieved.

Animals - in particular Iconic Species in the wild- are of special interest to Nafisa. Her work with the team of Animal Works (a wildlife conservation charity she founded in 2009) has demonstrated that visual artists can team with other creatives to make a real difference and spread the word of conservation by reminding the public of the beauty we are on the brink on losing . Animal Works (voluntary run , NFP charity with 100% of proceeds going to wildlife conservation projects) has a special presence in the ‘H’Art Matters Gallery” with one entire room dedicated to the works for sale, information and merchandise aimed to broaden the support base of the charity. This is unique in itself as no commercial gallery would give permanent space to a community driven project benefitting subjects of which cannot respond -but to survive….


Sculptures - Nafisa studied Medicine at UNSW for a few years after high-school and her love of the study of anatomy was enough to fuel her appreciation of the human form in a way which the Renaissance Masters did. The knowledge of the human anatomy has allowed her to create three-dimensional figures from her two minute life-drawings, fleshing out the shapes to varying degrees of detail to capture the gesture.

The female nudes are tied intimately to the Australian Wildflowers as their forms sit within / about the painted surfaces depicting wildflowers, allowing sculpture to leave the traditional presentation of sitting on a plinth, and painting to leave its traditional presentation of being shown on a wall.

The sculptures are sculptured in wax and cast in bronze and resin.

Figurative Works- As the nudes featured as sculptures are born from the sketches by Nafisa of the life model, there is a progression of visual works spanning from the charcoal sketches to pastel and oils.

The connection/juxtaposition with the sensual female forms of the nudes and the resilient hardiness and strength of Australian Wildflowers forms the basis of the works of “Passion’ . Here, the two exist together set into an imaginary play of attraction and obsession…….reminescent of that relationship between two lovers , and the connection which demands that they are never apart. These works of “Passion’ will continue to feature as the narrative takes on the presence of Acts an a Stage Play.